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Paula Kruppstadt MD

Functional Medicine & Pediatrics

Paula Kruppstadt MD

Functional Medicine

Get on the Right Path

  • Dr. Kruppstadt offers Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics and Vaccine Risk Assessment consultations for all ages but does not serve as a primary care physician for adults older than 21 years of age.  Request an appointment to investigate and uncover the cause(s) of your chronic illness or condition, and/or to obtain your genetic data and interpretation, and to implement a personalized treatment plan for long-term health and wellness.

  • Dr. Kruppstadt offers Pediatric Primary Care for children from birth through 21 years of age, including well checks, sports and camp physicals, sick visits, consultations, and vaccine risk assessment.  Prenatal visits are complimentary.  

  • Our Certified Holistic Nutritionist offers Nutritional Coaching for all ages.

  • All new patients must book a new patient appointment before any other services.  Adults must book a 60-minute consultation for their first appointment.